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Connardsdusurf is a clothing label inspired by the North Sea and the surfing community of Zeebrugge. Our aim is to create sustainable, durable, authentic and limited edition clothing with a serious twist. All our clothes are made with respect for both people and planet. We only use 100% organic cotton and recycled materials. In French, the brand name means surfing assholes. The reason for that name is simple. First, because we are completely insane due to all the salt we inhale and second, because La Plage des Connards was the name the locals gave to their surfing home spot in the early 90’s. Those were the days sea dogs still barked the Belgian national anthem and the pioneers of kitesurfing were catapulted onto the beach, because safety leashes didn't exist. Those were also the days surfers didn't have wind finder apps on smartphones, which often lead to intense swearing and alcohol intoxication, from time to time. So, if you want to buy a Tee with a surfer being hit by a submarine or share a picture of Jesus walking on water, you're at the right address!