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Assholes of what?

Posted by Dominique Lobbestael on
Assholes of what?
La Plage des Connards. For many surfers from Zeebrugge this is much more than just a legend. They were already there in the days sea dogs still barked and the pioneers of kitesurfing were catapulted on the beach because safety leashes didn't exist. They broke arms and legs for that one awesome trick! Those were the days when locals turned into ice cubes while drinking their beer on the dike after a winter session. And those were also the days when the former club owner, Christophe Coene was fed up receiving telephone calls with the same question over and over again: 'Is ter wind?' 
That's how the Plage got it's name. Due to all the pranks and crazy stuff that happened over there some surfers decided to call it the beach of the assholes. All this was before my time but the stories and the guys who were there from the beginning are still alive and kicking. 
On the picture we can see Leon Inkelberghe, who runs the club under its new name Icarus surfclub Zeebrugge probably the biggest asshole of them all.




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